Consumer Insights

Knowing your customer is one of the
most important aspects of creating your
online business.

We’re talking about entering the conversation that’s already in their minds and knowing them better than they know themselves.

We dive deep. We find out what keeps them awake at night. Even more crucial, we find what they are looking for to solve their problems, right down to what keywords they type into to Google to try to find the solutions they desire.

See, the more you know, the more you make. Most people go after keywords that are far too generalized, the ones that attract people that come to your site just to browse. Our philosophy is to let those people browse on someone else’s bandwidth. We want people who are ready to buy, and those people often use very different keywords than those who are just “window shopping”.

It really comes down to the intention of the searcher. We’ve developed a process that separates your ideal customers those who are just casually looking around wasting your time, based on that intention.

Knowing these secrets not only makes your company more revenue, it saves you a ton of money and time because you’re not targeting the wrong people.

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