“Designing Your Site For Maximum

The first step of our 3D Engagement is Discovery, which is all about establishing the current state of affairs for your website, online presence and market in general. While that data is extremely valuable all by itself, the next step in the 3D Engagement process is the Design Phase. This is where we take all of the data that we have mined and compiled in the Discovery Phase and design how to use that information to achieve your goals.

The Design phase includes the VIP Strategy day which is always everyone’s favorite part of the engagement. This is where we meet with you in person to discuss our findings from the Discovery Phase and together we map out all of the ways we will use the data to meet and often exceed your goals.

The final deliverables for the Design phase fluctuate a bit depending on the type of business you have, the stage of growth you are in and what your particular business model and goals are.

However, here are some common components that are usually part of the Design Phase Deliverables:


  • Onsite Optimization: We assume you will be following our recommendations in the Discovery as to optimizing your website. If you have questions or need help with that process, we help you map that out during this phase. 
  • Offerings: Now that we have fresh perspective on what your target market is really looking for, we evaluate your offerings and work with you to restructure any that we feel need to be modified. This is also the time we will work with you to design new offerings when needed. 
  • Sales Funnels: Co-creating sales funnels is the part that our clients often find the most valuable. We work with you to design what we feel will be your highest converting sales funnels. 
  • Optimization URL Map: After doing the Market Intention Deep Dive, we create a map for you showing which pages need to be added to your website and which keyword groups each page should be optimized for. 
  • Marketing Campaigns: We work with you to determine the marketing strategies that we believe will have the greatest impact towards your success. 
  • Content Calendar: Based on your goals and the findings from Discovery, we put together a content calendar that maps out the type of content you need to be producing to get the results you are looking for. 
  • Nurture Sequences: We help map out the psychology that will be needed in the various nurture sequences attached to your sales funnels. 
  • Implementation Timeline: After holistically looking at your data and goals, we put together an implementation timeline and help prioritize the order in which you should tackle initiatives so that you are move into implementation with an actionable plan.

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