“This Highly Overlooked Step In Online
Marketing Will Determine Your
Website’s Ultimate Success Or Ultimate

Discovery is so critical to your success that we can’t emphasize it enough. So what is discovery and how will it help you?

This is where we get inside the mind of your prospects and see the internet from their perspective. We do this to figure out their hot buttons, their pain points, in other words, what they’re really searching for: their overall intent. The right audience are your target market BUYERS. Because ultimately you want buyers on your site, not browsers. Let the browsers waste the bandwidth of your competition and then buy from you.

When we do your deep dive, it’s far more than just keyword research as you might have guessed. It’s more like a session with a psychologist like Sigmund Freud going into the subconscious desires of your market.

In fact, we dive so deep that we find out HOW your audience is asking for what you have and if your website, marketing materials and offers match that tone. This is crucial because knowing the little details like this can increase your conversions dramatically.

The bottom line is that knowing these details will save you not only thousands of dollars, but enormous amounts of time as well. And we all know time is the scarcest of all resources. The kicker is that when you get this right Google rewards you with better ranking and lower PPC costs.

It is our belief that creating a marketing plan for a business without first delving into their online presence and market is careless. Our emphasis is to identify exactly what your target market is not only searching for, but how they are searching and why. The intent behind why they are searching and most importantly, what Google thinks they are searching for is, in our professional opinion, the most important data to collect.

We do this for multiple reasons:

  1. To create an onsite content plan that is designed to gain organic rankings for your most important and monetizable keywords and save you thousands of dollars in achieving your marketing goals.
  2. To increase your quality score which can lower your PPC costs by up to 30%
  3. To create an intelligent organic marketing plans for monetization, branding, engagement and reputation management.
  4. To design intention based sales funnels & campaigns for maximum lead acquisition and sales.
  5. To destroy your competition. ???? 

Final Deliverables Include:

  • Onsite Audit and Evaluation – Our team does a thorough analysis of your website and create an implementation list for things you need in order to be Google compliant and to get the most benefits possible. 
  • Online Presence Analysis – Our team looks at not only how well your website is ranking, but how you are viewed online in general and we write up suggestions on how to most effectively gain more online territory. 
  • Competitive & Market Analysis – Our team evaluates your market to figure out who your main competitors are and how you stack up against them. This is always interesting, your main competition online may not be who you think it is. 
  • Market Intention Deep Dive (The BEST part!) – This really is the secret sauce to the digital marketing success that we are known for. What does Google think your buyers why is? If you know that, you have a massively unfair advantage over your competitors. 
  • In-depth Keyword Research – Our team will compile a list of some of the more powerful segments in your market and highlight which search terms and associated intentions should be used in your sales copy, offers and messaging. 
  • Keyword Optimization URL Map – We create a blueprint for you so that any marketing person you ever work with knows exactly which optimized pages on your website to send marketing traffic to depending on the keyword grouping you are advertising with. (IE: If you are Zappos, an ad for Men’s shoes would lead to a page on your website about men’s shoes and likewise, a woman searching for sparkly stilettos will be sent to the appropriate page.) 
  • Title Research – We compile a list of content that we believe should be created in order for you to get the greatest benefits for the most conservative budget possible. This gives your marketing efforts a jumpstart. 

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