“Let’s Get This Ball Rolling Into
Traffic and Sales…”

After the Design phase we put all of the strategy and plans created into an implementable, electronic format for you. This is where the fun begins. This is where everything we’ve done to create your strategy comes into play. It’s all about taking action and DOING with a take-no-prisoners attitude. How involved we are in this process is up to you.

How involved we are in the implementation process is a variable. Some people have entire in house teams and do not require much assistance from us to implement the plans created. Others, divide and conquer outsourcing some to us or other trusted 3rd party vendors, and keeping some of the implementation strategy in-house. Lastly, some people outsource the entire implementation tasks and keep no work in-house.

How we participate and assist with the implementation phase in order to help you dominate your market is something we will decide together in the Dominate phase. Our motto is: Do it once. Do it right. In that spirit, our only incentive is to help you choose an implementation strategy that is the greatest win for you and your business.

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