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Shelby Larson, CBI
Chief Big Ideas

Super Powers: Understanding Intentional Search & Creating
High-Converting Sales Funnels and Marketing Campaigns.

What started out in 2007 as a project of passion that was intended to provide work-from-home opportunities to stay-home moms has blossomed into a series of Digital & Content Marketing companies assisting hundreds of businesses in getting their message out to the world while successfully scaling to that elusive “next level”. It’s a point of great pride that 75% of her 200+ staff are still comprised of stay-home moms.

Her success with Content Divas, which started out as a small team of content providers, hatched her full-service Digital Marketing Agency – Ember Dragon. Ember Dragon brings businesses, small and large, unfathomable measures of success with the use of creative digital marketing campaigns and automated sales funnels. One of Shelby’s super powers is truly understanding Google and intentional search. She gets to the heart of exactly what her client’s target market is searching for and designs high-converting sales funnels and marketing campaigns around that.

Shelby’s newest business, Moonlighting on the Internet, is being built with passion to share her secrets of success with families as they dive into the awesome world of making money online.


Those who know Shelby never doubt that her whole heart lays at home. Her family is her muse. She married her best friend and is the mother of five amazing, active children. Her family is her greatest joy

Adventurous, courageous, daring, and gregarious are characteristics that are commonly associated with Shelby. All work and no play is no life at all. One of Shelby’s greatest passions is traveling – Her favorite things to collect are stamps in her passport! Some of her favorite adventures to date include flying a jetpack, spinning fire on the beaches of Hawaii, and participating in sacred ceremonies to end the Mayan Calendar with a Shaman in a remote Mayan village. Shelby and her family are active in reptile rescue, particularly bearded dragons.

Shelby’s Companies

Content Divas

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Ember Dragon

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Moonlighting on the Internet

Coming to a bookshelf near you in Spring 2016!